The Foreflight Sentry ADS-B Unit, A must have for all Pilots!

Foreflight Sentry ADS-B

ForeFlight Sentry ADS-B

Foreflight Sentry ADS-B

Everyone knows the Foreflight name, and you’ve heard of the Stratus ADS-B units by their team right? In my opinion, the new Foreflight Sentry is the best ADS-B unit on the market, I will tell you why!

The ForeFlight Sentry ADS-B unit allows pilots to access free weather updates to ensure safe movements in the air. Now, that’s nothing new, the actual box, is a great size, they’ve added a Carbon Monoxide Alarm,  a built-in AHRS, an improved power connection, and the price point is now excellent.

Incredible Features of ForeFlight Sentry ADS-B:

  • Inflight alert system:

The advanced Foreflight ADS-B unit can help you get instant updates about in-air traffic in the surrounding area. This information is directly broadcasted from the reliable FAA ground towers. You will love being able to receive audio as well as visual alerts for direction, distance and relative altitude of the ADS-B traffic targets.


  • Invisible threat protection:

When you compare Foreflight sentry portable ADS-B receiver with competitors in the market, it ensures higher performance with its built-in sensor system. It can provide instant updates about carbon monoxide with a reliable alerting system. The hazardous levels are indicated through in-app alerts and audio signals as well. One trip in a King Air 350 I had the carbon monoxide alert come on! Luckily it was a false alarm.



  • Reliable GPS technology:

Sentry is loaded with WAAS GPS system that provides all details on your foreflight moving map display with innovative plates on the Map feature. Note that Sentry extends support to four popular GNSS systems including BeiDu, GLONASS, Galileo, and WAAS GPS. You can access a variety of useful data from reliable sources; it includes distance to destination, ETE, altitude and ground speed as well. I know some of the readers may have a built-in iPad GPS, and in smaller piston singles, twins and turboprops the iPad GPS does great, I have not had so much luck in the Jet world though in multiple aircraft. Usually, I can’t even get a signal! The incredible support team at Foreflight reached out to be within minutes of my support request and recommended using an antenna on a window on the jet but that didn’t help either.

  • Built-in AHRS:

Sentry unit is loaded with an Attitude Heading Reference System that ensures real-time detailing of bank and pitch of the aircraft. It has numbers of flexible calibration options so that pilots can always access the best and most reliable data in-air. It’s an incredible safety feature that I LOVE having in the cockpit.


  • The Foreflight Sentry has an excellent price point in my opinion.
  • Advanced carbon monoxide monitors with the alarming
  • Incredible 12-hour battery performance.
  • This receiver is loaded with high capacity data card to ensures easy weather storage and replay.
  • High-quality pressure altitude sensor with build in the GPS
  • Inflight weather and traffic updates.
  • Reliable and fast mounting mechanism with a quick release system.
  • LED auto-dimming for night vision protection.
  • Inflight connectivity between passengers and pilots.


  • I never was able to get the Foreflight Sentry to connect and give me an ADS-B signal or a GPS signal in the Gulfstream or Citation Sovereign aircraft.
  • There are cheaper options like THIS or THIS
  • If you’re aircraft has WIFI this is NOT, the unit for you as it uses a WIFI signal! I would recommend buying THIS instead.


ForeFlight Sentry ADS-B is a next generation receiver unit that will serve pilots with increased situational awareness with it’s many features. This product is designed to install easy firmware updates via Foreflight and the installation finishes in a few seconds. Pilots find it more useful with its powerful, affordable and compact design that meets their routine requirements with ease.

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