Spread Your Wings And Learn To Fly

The 1900’s brought forth an era of technological and industrial advancement like never before seen. Within 70 years, we went from inventing the first airplane to landing on the moon. Aviation played a big role throughout that century, being used to fight numerous wars, implementing new forms of travel, and inspiring a nation. 

Even today, aviation remains one of the world’s largest industries, with millions of people seeking careers in the field. That being said, aviation brings about many questions. Is it safe to learn to fly? How hard is piloting an aircraft? What are the benefits? These questions left unanswered leave many people grounded without understanding the true nature of the flight.

Safety Of Learning To Fly

The question of learning to fly has crossed the minds of everyone involved in aviation at least once. The reality of flight is that you are traveling at high speeds through the air in a heavy metal aircraft. 

At first, it may not appear safe, but when compared to other everyday activities such as boating and driving cars, it is equally, if not, safer than those activities. Airplane flight is monitored by air traffic controllers, keeping planes at safe distances from each other at all times. As long as you learn to fly correctly and enroll as a student pilot, your rewards will far outweigh any risks.

Level Of Difficulty To Learn

The difficulty it is to learn to fly a plane varies in the degree of difficulty of the type of planes flown and the aspiring pilot’s ability. Maneuvering an aircraft takes the ability and skills learned through practice and by professional instruction. While basic taxiing of the airplane may be simple to learn, more challenging aspects such as take-off and landing take time to master efficiently.

Benefits Of Learning To Fly

This brings us to the final question. What are the benefits of learning to fly? Learning to fly, you can obtain a niche skill that offers a world of possibility for you and your career. Recreational flying and flying as a career open up opportunities that otherwise may not have been available to you before obtaining your pilot’s license. Having this ability, knowledge, and skillset is an advantage in today’s market. 

Being able to pilot a plane builds self-confidence and provides a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. If you are interested in finding out more about the process of becoming a pilot, spread your wings and contact iFLYPLANEZ and take flight.


Step One
Get started ASAP on a ground school program…
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Step Four
Schedule a discovery flight with at least TWO local flight schools!
Step Five

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