A Paperless Cockpit Tablet Solution for under $80

A paperless cockpit for under $80, yeah right…

A Paperless Cockpit Tablet Solution for under $80 seems nuts.

I LOVE flying with Foreflight but I know there are some people who just won’t spend $600 for an iPad with charts so when I read about a $100 option for the cockpit I didn’t think it was possible.

With the price of Android tablets being so inexpensive I had to give this a go. Keep in mind, this tablet isn’t made to have store all of the data for IFR and VFR charts in the USA but it’s great for a smaller area like a few states and will work great in the cockpit.

If you haven’t heard about www.FLTPLAN.com you’re really missing out. They have free flight planning, filing, and charts that you can access on browsers, iOS and Android devices. Do you fly IFR or VFR? No problem you’ll have all the charts you need. Did I mention it’s 100% FREE!?

Here’s what you need to make this work:

That’s it!

But do you want a moving map? Just add $82.00

Make sure you use the GPS in non iOs mode!

Oh, if you you’re not an Amazon Prime member you can get free shipping by using this Amazon Prime Trial. You can always cancel!

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  1. I’ve used fltplan.com since before their Go app. I bought an Apple but with the Go app, never pulled the trigger on ForeFlight. FltplanGo has done everything I needed, and now with my stratux ADS-B in unit, fltplanGo now displays weather and traffic. Saving up my money to switch back to an Android tablet.

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