MzeroA~ Not All Ground School Programs Are Equal

MzeroA ~ Not All Ground School Programs Are Equal

For the longest time, I struggled with finding the best ground school for students.

When I began my flight training in 2002 there were several ground school programs available. As I progressed in my career I dabbled with Cessna, Sporty’s, King Schools, Dauntless & ASA. Fast forward to 2015 and I was trying to find a program that didn’t require dvd’s and was also updated regularly for my students. I stumbled upon MzeroA. ( The Cockpit isn’t always the best Classroom for a Pilot )

If I were to start my flight training over again, MzeroA is what I would use for all of my ground training


I won’t lie. This hooked me but I was still skeptical.

What I wanted for my student pilots, private pilot and instrument pilots was a simple online ground school program. After talking with staff and taking a look at the private and instrument ground school I was sold. Ever since 2015, my students have ONLY been using MzeroA. Now with commercial training and soon CFI training, this is your one-stop shop.

A quick view of the Ground School by MzeroA

  • Complete Ground School for the Private, Instrument & Commercial Rating
  • Private, Instrument & Commercial Written Test Prep
  • BFR Ground Prep
  • FAA Wings Credit
  • All of the ratings for the same price!

The videos for the ground school programs are exactly what you need to see and hear about your training. I love when my students know the answer to what I am going to ask them due to using this program.


Gold Level Includes the Pass your Checkride or money back guarantee PLUS More.

My suggestion? This shouldn’t take you longer than two months, especially if you’re motivated!

  1. Review the PHAK & AFH Before you begin. Click Here 🙂
  2. Sign up for the Bronze or Silver membership and pass the written test.
  3. Upgrade to the Gold level for the Pass Your Checkride Guarantee on month two!


The Honest Truth?

Some of my students have saved more than the $1,233 MzeroA ad suggests. Some have saved less. If you are 100% committed and driven to earn your Private, Instrument or Commercial Rating this is for you.


Money Back Guarantee

This program is not for everyone. I’ve had three people who wanted something different and the support staff refunded their money with no question asked.





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