How to Get Your Plane Ready For Winter Storage

There are over 200,000 commercial and privately owned planes in the United States. Most people work extremely hard to make their dream of flying an aircraft a reality. If you are a licensed pilot with an aircraft of your own, keeping it in good shape should be a priority. As winter approaches, many people who own planes will start to store them. 

During the winter, flying conditions can be particularly bad. This is why many private citizens who are pilots don’t do a lot of flying during this time of year. Renting a hanger and getting help with aircraft maintenance is important if you want to keep your plane running strong. Below are some things you can do to get your plane ready for winter storage. 

Fill Up Your Fuel Tank

Fuel is something you need plenty of if you want to complete a long flight. Some inexperienced plane owners think that emptying their fuel tank before storing their aircraft is the right move. In reality, storing your plane with an empty tank of gas can result in lots of damage to your fuel system. 

By filling your fuel tank, you can substantially reduce the amount of moisture in your fuel system. Some planes are equipped with a rubber bladder where fuel is kept. Keeping this bladder full of fuel can help you reduce cracking and other issues that may damage this vital part of your plane. 

Don’t Forget to Change Your Oil Before Storing Your Plane

Staying one step ahead of plane repair problems will require you to invest in preventative maintenance. If you are putting your plane in storage, you need to think about how to keep the internal parts of your plane’s engine lubricated. Old oil may be filled with dirt and other contaminants. The longer these contaminants stay in your engine, the more damage they will ultimately do. 

This is why changing the oil in your plane before it is put in storage is a smart idea. If you are unsure about how to change the oil in your aircraft, hire professionals to handle this maintenance procedure for you. An aircraft mechanic will be able to get this job done quickly and correctly. 

Clean and Cover Your Plane

Buying a used plane can be a very expensive undertaking. While a new plane can provide you with hours of enjoyment, it also requires a lot of maintenance. If you hope to resell your plane in the future, focus on keeping it in pristine shape. Storing your plane in a hangar is a great way to keep it safe during the winter months. 

Thoroughly cleaning your plane before putting it in storage is a wise move. Once you have your plane clean and waxed, you need to place a cover on it. 

Keep Your Plane Safe and Functional

Whether you need a hangar to store your plane or help with aircraft maintenance, iFLYPLANEZ is here to help.

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