Flying: Who Pays? And Other Private Flight Considerations

It’s not weird to be really into flying…

Ever since Wilbur and Orville launched that plywood contraption up into the air, humans have been captivated by the idea of soaring through the skies like a bird.

What about now, though? Coronavirus fears have emptied commercial, airports, and many commercial carrier flights only have a few people on them. It’s a whole new world for air travel – a world that is frightening to many people, including more than a few pilots. 

Well, a private flight is still incredibly popular. To the extent that it can accommodate social distancing and allay fears about virus transmission, private flights are what’s happening right now.

However, there are some things to think about when maintaining your private flight schedule. Here are some considerations that will help you to plan better for your own flight routine.

Private Jet Flight and Charter

If you’re ever going to use someone else’s jet – let’s say a company jet or plane, you’re going to have some pretty abstract expenses. The IRS classifies flight as a non-cash payment in terms of income tax, so you’ll need to track your use and provide that on an annual filing. Tax deduction rules can apply – but this whole thing can be daunting for individual filers because it’s not as easy as accounting for cash salaries or bonuses. 

Now, if you have your own plane, you’re not subject to this reporting issue, but you’ll need to keep your plan fully maintained. That requires a lot of resources that some “self-driving” private pilots don’t have. The companies that own the bigger private jets will have the staffing to make sure fuel levels are adequate, and people to check out systems over time according to FAA rules and guidelines. What about independent private pilots with a four-seater?

Help with Your Flight Schedule

Kyle Chmielewski is a talented pilot helping others to fly the friendly skies with private flight practices that are safe and sustainable. You can see on the website Kyle’s track record of successful flight hours (over 8000 hours!), and you can also see that his love of flight is shining through in everything he does, from flight mentoring to other kinds of flight assistance.

Aircraft management? Flight instruction? Turn to iFlyPlanez to get the help that you need to stay up in the sky, safely and in class.

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