Use this to become an FAA Licensed Drone Pilot

So you want to become A Drone Pilot?


Are you interested in becoming a drone pilot? Great, but in order to get into this field, you have to pass FAA exam to prove your eligibility. This is a tough test that demands a huge knowledge base to qualify. Moreover, it is not just about passing the exam; the better the score you get, the better the salary you might receive in the Remote Pilot Drone market!

Remote Pilot 101 Course:

Those who are interested in becoming a drone pilot might be worried about how to prepare for the tough questions of FAA UAS knowledge test. Well! The task becomes quite easier with Remote Pilot 101 coaching. This is the best platform for and it provides all the essential lessons to learn all basic and high-end concepts for qualifying the exam. Jason Schappert does an incredible job preparing you. This is the same Jason who created MzeroA, an online ground school course that I have all of my Private, Instrument and Commercial students use.

Back to drone flying. Note that, becoming a drone pilot is not an easy task for those who do not belong to the aviation background. But this course can help you to acquire complete knowledge to pass the exam with flying colors. Jason and his team have divided the entire syllabus of exam into multiple lessons. The maximum duration for the video training videos is around 3 hours, and it also includes 9 practice quizzes by the end of each section. It means you can test your learning performing time to time through these practice tests.

Various lessons of this program are listed below:

  • Lesson one conveys all details about essential rules and regulations for the FAA USA Part 107 knowledge test.
  • Lesson two includes 7 different short videos on airspace. Make sure you pay close attention to your airspace!
  • After this, you will be learning about UAS weather and weather sources through the 4th lesson of this course.
  • The fifth lesson is all about the crew resource management. Here you will get details about hazardous attitudes, crew roles, contingency procedures and many more.
  • The 6th lesson is all about airport field operations, and then 7th will update your knowledge about radio communications.
  • The emergency procedures are described in the 8th lesson with some detailed information about pre-flight and maintenance procedures in the 9th

Other than this, many videos are included to make you aware of aeronautical decision making, airspace classification, emergency procedures and many more.

It’s this simple:

If you want to become a drone pilot, this online course can help you to get complete details about how to do excellent on the exam. All these video lectures contain detailed information about essential concepts that you may need to solve typical questions in this test. The routine puzzles and practice sessions will update your confidence to qualify the exam with ease.

If you are curious to get into the aviation field and want to enjoy a secure career; it is time to train yourself to crack the FAA UAS 107 knowledge test. Remote Pilot 101 affiliate program can help you to achieve your dreams without investing more amount. You can get started with the full course by making a reasonable payment of $149.00; it also includes the recurrent course for life.

If you want to pass the FAA Part 107 written test with ease, Remote Pilot 101 is for you. Sign up HERE.











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