The Comfort of Private Flight…and Covid

For quite a while now, people who need to get around in the sky have been looking at private flight as an attractive option to avoid the frenetic chaos of the public airport.


Private flight is just easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. Instead of having to rub shoulders with any number of strangers and participate in all sorts of intrusive and burdensome processes to get from point A to point B, you simply hop on board and have your friendly pilot take you where you need to go. It’s kind of like taking a taxi instead of getting on a Greyhound bus.


However, private flight has become even more important in the era of COVID. We know that the virus thrives in sealed areas, and the kinds of shared air that are necessary on commercial flight are some of the worst environments to maintain isolation from viral contagion. That nervousness and stress-energy that accompanies these realities is evident when you look at people getting on a commercial plane, especially in economy class. 


As with other kinds of shared experiences, even if you’re not technically worried about contracting COVID yourself, mask requirements and other safety precautions create even more hassle in the already problematic public flight experience. It’s not as if all of the security limitations around liquid carry-ons or anything else have disappeared, either. People are flying on public flights in a very charged and often uncomfortable atmosphere.


Trust Your Pilot


So private flight can be great – the key, though, is that you have to trust the person who is taking you where you need to go.


One of the biggest problems with private flight is the lack of very specific vetting procedures and transparency that you get with public flight carriers. In other words, you know that the corporate pilots have been put through all kinds of tests and screenings, where private flight is, in a way, a bit less regulated.


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