Another FAA ACS Has Been Published ~ Commercial Pilot

The FAA has published the latest ACS We all knew about the Private Pilot & Instrument Pilot ACS, but on June 12th the Commercial Pilot ACS will become effective. You already know this, but the Commercilial Pilot Checkride is a VFR type ride mixed with more advanced maneuvers and planning. I highly recommend you use a Ground School Program to be properly prepared. … Read More

MzeroA~ Not All Ground School Programs Are Equal

MzeroA ~ Not All Ground School Programs Are Equal For the longest time, I struggled with finding the best ground school for students. When I began my flight training in 2002 there were several ground school programs available. As I progressed in my career I dabbled with Cessna, Sporty’s, King Schools, Dauntless & ASA. Fast forward to 2015 and I … Read More

You need to land, NOW… Use your Garmin 430 / 530 for help

Garmin flight products

Whether you are a student pilot, private pilot or a commercial pilot if you’re cockpit is equipped with a Garmin 430 / 530 you need to know this. Anyone who flies with the Garmin 430 / 530 knows there is a lot of information on the page groups and subpages but finding something like the nearest page is actually pretty … Read More

You don’t HAVE to spend $1,000 for in flight ADS-B weather!

Ping Buddy review

Everyone has heard of the Stratus receiver and the $75 Stratux Ads-b weather units, but what about the PingBuddy unit? I knew nothing about the PingBuddy until I was read the latest issue of Flying magazine.     I’ll be honest, the PingBuddy isn’t revolutionary, it’s a tiny Stratux that can fit it a large tic tac container. It has … Read More

Learn How To Fly The Inexpensive Way, Unlimited Flight Time For Under $250

The flight training industries leading ground school providers like MzeroA offer online ground school that is less inexpensive then one hour of dual flight time, but imagine if you coupled that with unlimited flight time for under $250, even $50 for a tight budget!? Sounds like a dream but with a decent computer, hardware and software it’s a reality. Oh … Read More

Have An iPad In Your Cockpit? 3 Apps You Should Be Using

I know I know, you’ve read articles like this before but have you heard of and used Dark Sky for flight planning? Aviation apps and iPads are making flight planning easier than ever. While there are hundreds of apps to chose from, these three apps are “musts” for any private pilot hoping to capitalize on quality, reliable applications for the paperless … Read More

Don’t descend blindly in visual conditions, For all pilots!

 No sh*t the FMS finally stopped working! I’ll beat you “Children of the magenta line” commentator hopefuls to the punch, it was just a whatever moment even though I am not the oldest dude. With an In-Op FMS the only change to our flying was that we would be on the jet airways in the VOR mode until we began … Read More

What’s the Green stuff on the wing!?

Driving to the airport was not going to be fun. I would much rather be in bed, especially since it was 5:30 in the morning. Luckily, I get paid to do what I love, fly.  Aside from looking at the weather channel the night before, the falling snow and slick roads made it obvious that today’s flight would prove to … Read More

#badrunup Pilots Always Need to Keep Learning!

I usually don’t do a magneto check with a key. In the pistons, I fly it’s with a switch! My day job has me flying as a Captain on a King Air 350 which I love! In my spare time, I am lucky enough to share my passion for flying with others as an Independent Flight Instructor. I instruct with … Read More