Have An iPad In Your Cockpit? 3 Apps You Should Be Using

I know I know, you’ve read articles like this before but have you heard of and used Dark Sky for flight planning? Aviation apps and iPads are making flight planning easier than ever. While there are hundreds of apps to chose from, these three apps are “musts” for any private pilot hoping to capitalize on quality, reliable applications for the paperless … Read More

Don’t descend blindly in visual conditions, For all pilots!

 No sh*t the FMS finally stopped working! I’ll beat you “Children of the magenta line” commentator hopefuls to the punch, it was just a whatever moment even though I am not the oldest dude. With an In-Op FMS the only change to our flying was that we would be on the jet airways in the VOR mode until we began … Read More

What’s the Green stuff on the wing!?

Driving to the airport was not going to be fun. I would much rather be in bed, especially since it was 5:30 in the morning. Luckily, I get paid to do what I love, fly.  Aside from looking at the weather channel the night before, the falling snow and slick roads made it obvious that today’s flight would prove to … Read More

#badrunup Pilots Always Need to Keep Learning!

I usually don’t do a magneto check with a key. In the pistons, I fly it’s with a switch! My day job has me flying as a Captain on a King Air 350 which I love! In my spare time, I am lucky enough to share my passion for flying with others as an Independent Flight Instructor. I instruct with … Read More

Lasers & Pilots Don’t Mix: Three steps to avoiding a problem in the sky

Lasers & Pilots Don’t Mix. After a preflight briefing with an IFR Pilot student we taxi out to Runway 28 for departure for some RNAV approaches in Mason, MI (TEW). Fast forward about thirty minutes, we just completed our second RNAV approach onto Runway 28. I’m doing my best as a pretend controller to vector Dave back towards the final … Read More

I truly wanted to be a pilot

There are moments in life that hit you, moments that you know, right when they’re happening that they’re meaningful.

Can you name the airplane!?

We took off from Michigan this morning and just had to share these awesome pictures of the view from the sunrise!

After 60 Years, B-52s Still Dominate U.S. Fleet

A few days ago Dave Philipps wrote an awesome article about the B-52. There is also an intense video with crewmembers on the bomber describing the work life and different situations they faced on the airplane. Check out the article here