Surviving while Flying Single Pilot IFR

I probably picked too dramatic of a title but there is a huge danger zone when flying Single Pilot IFR. Currently, I fly aircraft ranging from Citation Sovereign to the Piper Seneca, I’ve learned that the most dangerous flying I do is single pilot IFR. I remember when I first earned my instrument rating. At least I had some basic … Read More

How I earned a Gulfstream V type rating at the age of 22!

I was stunned! After waiting three months for my interview, Flight Safety International hired me as a Gulfstream V co-pilot! It all started because of the hustle the previous three years. Actually, all of my opportunities happened because of the hustle. Remember the King Air 350 I was flying as a contract co-pilot? If not here’s the Hustle Post. Building … Read More

This is how you should be earning your pilot rating/license

How can you cost-effectively earn your next pilot rating/license? I’ve tried so many different methods for my students as a result, this is how I recommend you earn your pilot rating/license. I’ll get right to the punch, I’m assuming you’ve already found a flight instructor who will demand you #escapeaverage. That instructor has already helped you find your pilot supplies … Read More

Trusting my gut, ( icing ) freezing rain in flight.

Icing, I should have simply trusted my gut… But practicing what you preach doesn’t always work out. For two weeks we had been trying to coordinate the return of the Piper Seneca with no help from the weather. I manage and offer multi-engine instruction in the Seneca and Cessna 414 for Private and Commerical pilots (or soon to be). Although … Read More

A Paperless Cockpit Tablet Solution for under $80

A paperless cockpit for under $80, yeah right… A Paperless Cockpit Tablet Solution for under $80 seems nuts. I LOVE flying with Foreflight but I know there are some people who just won’t spend $600 for an iPad with charts so when I read about a $100 option for the cockpit I didn’t think it was possible. With the price … Read More

Why a $1,000 Bose A20 Aviation Headset Is Worth It

Between aviation flight bags and aviation headset’s, I realize I have a problem. I love trying all the latest & greatest bags and headsets so I finally decided to buy the Bose A20 headset. Side Bar… In my opinion, you should never begin your flight training until you have all the books, headset and have started an online ground school … Read More

Another FAA ACS Has Been Published ~ Commercial Pilot

The FAA has published the latest ACS We all knew about the Private Pilot & Instrument Pilot ACS, but on June 12th the Commercial Pilot ACS will become effective. You already know this, but the Commercilial Pilot Checkride is a VFR type ride mixed with more advanced maneuvers and planning. I highly recommend you use a Ground School Program to be properly prepared. … Read More

MzeroA~ Not All Ground School Programs Are Equal

MzeroA ~ Not All Ground School Programs Are Equal For the longest time, I struggled with finding the best ground school for students. When I began my flight training in 2002 there were several ground school programs available. As I progressed in my career I dabbled with Cessna, Sporty’s, King Schools, Dauntless & ASA. Fast forward to 2015 and I … Read More