All About The King Air 350

The King Air has become something of a symbol, with a notoriety for low working costs, strength, and roughness. In any case, much the same as a game utility, it very well may be outfitted with extravagance fittings to supplement its increasingly daring side. Here’s a breakdown of the expenses to purchase and work one. More than 7,000 King Airs … Read More

Use this to become an FAA Licensed Drone Pilot

So you want to become A Drone Pilot?   Are you interested in becoming a drone pilot? Great, but in order to get into this field, you have to pass FAA exam to prove your eligibility. This is a tough test that demands a huge knowledge base to qualify. Moreover, it is not just about passing the exam; the better … Read More

Amelia Earhart … Found?

It seems like Amelia Earhart being found happens either once a year… The Vintage website received word that a plane was found near a last known location of Amelia Earhart’s. The Amelia Earhart found posts happen several times a year. You be the judge, check out the article HERE. MzeroA~ Not All Ground School Programs Are Equal

The dwindling number of Career Flight Instructors

With the airlines hiring at an all-time high, how many pilots will make the decision to be a, Career Flight Instructor, let alone instruct after they get that, real flying job? After writing down a list of over two-dozen friends who are technically current as a Flight Instructor that fly professionally in the airline / corporate world how many do … Read More

Surviving while Flying Single Pilot IFR

I probably picked too dramatic of a title but there is a huge danger zone when flying Single Pilot IFR. Currently, I fly aircraft ranging from Citation Sovereign to the Piper Seneca, I’ve learned that the most dangerous flying I do is single pilot IFR. I remember when I first earned my instrument rating. At least I had some basic … Read More

How I earned a Gulfstream V type rating at the age of 22!

I was stunned! After waiting three months for my interview, Flight Safety International hired me as a Gulfstream V co-pilot! It all started because of the hustle the previous three years. Actually, all of my opportunities happened because of the hustle. Remember the King Air 350 I was flying as a contract co-pilot? If not here’s the Hustle Post. Building … Read More

This is how you should be earning your pilot rating/license

How can you cost-effectively earn your next pilot rating/license? I’ve tried so many different methods for my students as a result, this is how I recommend you earn your pilot rating/license. I’ll get right to the punch, I’m assuming you’ve already found a flight instructor who will demand you #escapeaverage. That instructor has already helped you find your pilot supplies … Read More

Trusting my gut, ( icing ) freezing rain in flight.

Icing, I should have simply trusted my gut… But practicing what you preach doesn’t always work out. For two weeks we had been trying to coordinate the return of the Piper Seneca with no help from the weather. I manage and offer multi-engine instruction in the Seneca and Cessna 414 for Private and Commerical pilots (or soon to be). Although … Read More