Flight Instruction

Why choose Kyle as your flight instructor?

Beginning in high school Kyle took his lifelong dream of aviation and made it a reality. He has trained dozens of students as a flight instructor and became a Captain at a corporate flight department. He has type ratings in the Gulfstream V, Citation Sovereign and the King Air 350.

He's delivered airplanes around North America, given transition training for high performance single and multi engine aircraft and managed airplanes for several companies.

Now Kyle is the leading Flight Instructor & Contract Pilot in the Lansing, Michigan area, check out his 5 star rating on the iFLYPLANEZ Facebook. Check out some of his reviews below.

Why I fly

Without flying, my life wouldn't make sense. It isn't a job, it isn't a hobby, it chose me somehow and now flying has become my life. I was always worried that one day when I have a few thousand hours maybe being a pilot would get boring... Luckily that isn't true! I'm about to cross the threshold of 6,000 hours soon and I've realized that every flight there is something to be learned, sharing that with my students is now my goal.

iFlyPlanez students speak for themselves.

I'd love to share my passion with you


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