Another FAA ACS Has Been Published ~ Commercial Pilot

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May 11, 2017
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Another FAA ACS Has Been Published ~ Commercial Pilot


The FAA has published the latest ACS

We all knew about the Private Pilot & Instrument Pilot ACS, but on June 12th the Commercial Pilot ACS will become effective.

You already know this, but the Commercilial Pilot Checkride is a VFR type ride mixed with more advanced maneuvers and planning. I highly recommend you use a Ground School Program to be properly prepared. I listed a quick run down of what you can expect in flight for the Commerical Pilot ACS Checkride.

  • Power of 180 Landing
  • Short / Soft Field Takeoff & Landings
  • Go Around
  • Steep Turns
  • Steep Spiral
  • Chandelles ASEL
  • Lazy Eights
  • Eights on Pylons
  • Pilotage & Dead Reckoning
  • Navigation
  • Diverson
  • Lost Procedures
  • Slow Flight
  • Power Off / Power On Stalls
  • Accelerated Stalls
  • Emergency Descent
  • Emergency Approach & Landing ASEL
  • Equipment Malfunctions
  • Engine Failure Before Takeoff Below VMC AMEL
  • Engine Failure After Liftoff AMEL
  • Approach & Landing Single Engine AMEL
  • VMC Demonstration AMEL
  • Engine Failure Simulated IMC AMEL
  • Instrument Approach Single Engine AMEL

YES, it seems like a lot but the checkride will really go fast, make sure to review the grids at the bottom of the ACS if you’re adding a rating to an existing commercial rating. Don’t forget to bring foggles!


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Make sure you know what an MEL is and how to use it properly. On the first task of airworthiness you can expect something to be “simulated” broken and you’ll have to make the decision of weather you can fly or not.

Do you know how to plan your climb, cruising speed, or descent rate? If not you’ll need to!

Use the posts below to learn how 🙂

You can download the latest ACS PDF’s BY Clicking Here.

Want the hardcopy of the ACS?

Use the links below to purchase:


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