The 5 Must Have Books for the Private & Student Pilot I recommend

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The 5 Must Have Books for the Private & Student Pilot I recommend

If I only knew what I knew now.

There are thousands of books you can buy for flight training. These are 5 must have books for the Private & Student Pilot I recommend!

#5 Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide

A must have for the Oral.

The Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide is one of the books you should be reviewing daily. I recommend every student pilot read one chapter per night. When they master that chapter continue to the next. Start reading this book when you have roughly 10 hours of flight time so you don’t get behind!


#4 Airplane Flying Handbook

This combined with the PHAK is a great start to your pilot knowledge

The Airplane Flying Handbook (AFH) is huge for your learning. When combined with Pilots Handbook and MzeroA Ground School your oral will be cake.


#3 Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

When you can’t get a hold of you’re CFI you can find the answer here 🙂

The Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK) is your best book for knowledge. You can refer back to this book as you progress in your career. From Piston operations to jets it’s all here!


#2 Far Aim 2017

You may not remember the reg, but can you find it?

Here’s a HUGE tip for you. It’s impossible to memorize everything  unless you have some memory skill. That’s great, but not if you can’t find it! Use Highlighters & Tabs and make finding regulations easy!


#1 Say Again Please

Talk to ATC the RIGHT Way

The biggest complaint I hear from examiners is a student pilot not confident with ATC. On lesson 3 or 4 my students are talking to the local approach controllers. Many students that are handed to me have fear with ATC. Escape Average and learn how to talk with ATC properly.

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